Sunday, January 27, 2008

Portfolio Reflection

This seems to be one of the biggest challenges for our students - whether the portfolio is electronic or paper! We've been discussing rubrics for many years. I'll post a few resources I've found...and please add some that we could review for ideas. (Carla - 11/17/07)

Open Source Portfolio Rubric
Texas A & M Portfolio Reflection Process
Colorado State: Pueblo
U of Wisconsin - Stout - Rubric
Quebec - LEARN
Helen Barrett Rubric - 2000
ePortfolio Rubric
Portfolio Rubrics - Samford University

TeachPort Reflection Questions
These are the questions I ask for reflection in TeachPort. These are pretty simple - but they seem to promote some thoughtfulness in students. Students create "showcases" for each standard.
Reflection - Description/Explanation:
Why have I included these artifacts in my showcase?
What standards have been showcased? (teacher standards, technology standards and academic content standards)
How do these artifacts demonstrate my professional competencies as an educator?
How does this showcase demonstrate student learning?
How might I build on these proficiencies and improve my teaching?

The Digital Teaching Portfolio Workbook: Understanding the Digital Teaching Portfolio Process
by Clare R. Kilbane (Author), Natalie B. Milman (Author)

There is a book, as well as a workbook for students. The discussion of how to evaluate portfolios - both formative and summative - can be helpful for credential programs.. Sections of the book also address how to help students write reflections and how to evaluate reflective statements. You might check your faculty services person to see if you could get a copy of this book. I actually like the workbook best because it could be a model for our own portfolio handbook for Chapman credential students.

Check one model adapted for an ed leadership portfolio (Brown & Irby, 2001).

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